This is a very common question: “How can I start earning from Android programming”?
It is asked by novice programmers and those who are potentially considering programming as a career change.

Let’s first estimate how much you can earn and what the ways are.
All the information is based on my personal experience and experience of the programmers I know.

I’ll tell you how I came to it.

I started Android programming more than 5 years ago. Since I had no proper education and no one to advise me, it was difficult to start. After 6 months I began to make money on this. At this point this stage can be accelerated to 2-3 months with the help of private courses.
Income from the very beginning was within a decent wage in an average factory, although I was just a novice programmer and had only the most basic knowledge. I went to work in a very small company, which develops mobile applications, so to speak, according to my profile, in order to see everything from within, as I advise beginners programmers.

As my career progressed, it became clear that I can earn money in different ways with the knowledge of an “Android programmer”.

At the moment there are 3 ways of earning in order of increasing income:

  1. Distributing your applications on the network
  2. Job placement for an employer
  3. Fulfilling company orders or freelancing

Distributing your applications on the network

You can write a good and unique application, publish it on Android Market

You can’t do it quickly, but you need to strive for your own applications. Since their applications require investments, advertising, and time, they usually make a profit after some time, since they depend on user traffic, which at the moment is very financially-costly. This results in three types of income for the apps

  • Advertising
  • Sell products or subscriptions to the app
  • Sell your app

Employer’s work

You can get a job with an employer and get paid for writing his applications, and he gets to benefit from them commercially or privately. The advantage of this job is that you are not responsible for the promotion and advertising of the product, and only perform technical tasks from the employer for which you get a stable monthly salary, which in turn depends on the amount of your experience, as well as the number of published applications in Android Market.

  • Junior (experience – 0-1 year)
    • Small towns 250-400$
    • Huge cities 400-700$
  • Middle (1-3 years experience)
    • Small towns 500-1500$
    • Huge cities 1500-3000$
  • Senior (experience – 4+)
    • Small towns 1500-3000$
    • Huge cities 2500-5000+$

Fulfilling company orders or freelancing

Everyone wants to work from home, have a flexible schedule and earn a lot of money. You can arrange this by freelancing and working remotely for some company.

The pluses of this method are that you don’t have to bother with distributing the application on the Internet yet, you get ready orders and good money right away.

But there are pitfalls here, too. You will face a mass of competitors who can place orders faster, cheaper and of higher quality. In addition, to work on a freelance or remote you need to have a very good portfolio. The customers here look at your experience and choose more experienced programmers. So I don’t recommend to newbies to come in here right away.

The earnings here depend on the market where you found the order. For example in european market I have an order for an application with 7000$ price (you need good english). At the same time in the CIS market such an order will cost you around 2000$. Duration of execution depends on your experience


Making money from Android programming is not hard, and you can do it in several ways, but there are pros and cons all around. Don’t build yourself a golden mountain because the way to the top is thorny.

The hardest path for a programmer is at the beginning of his journey, that’s when he makes the choice to be a programmer or …